Are you shopping for a gift for someone you love or looking for your own ideas to put on your wishlist? Look no further, because I have created this beautiful gift guide for you, perfect for birthdays, Christmas, mother’s day and more! Discover the magic of giving, with this carefully curated gift guide! Unwrap joy […]

Is Pinterest still worth it? That’s a big question to ask… Is this something you are wondering too? Probably many of you will have a Pinterest account as I do. For me, it started once for organizing my interests, but now it has become my most important source of website traffic. So this question, whether […]

Aria of flowers, a new pattern design. From today on, I want to put some of my new surface pattern designs in the spotlight. So keep a close eye on this page. The first one to take center stage is this dreamy and stylish floral design: Aria of flowers. I created this design with bedding […]

A floral coloring book filled with flowers of all kinds, some more realistic, some more abstract. And I am proud to say that this very first coloring book of mine has just published, so you can start enjoying this book too. I hope this book will help you relax and destress and lets you enjoy […]

Drawing flowers seems easy at first, but when you start trying to make your first flowers or flower arrangement, it doesn’t feel that easy anymore. Especially when you want to make realistic flowers or botanicals. Maybe this sounds familiar to you, at least that’s what I experienced when I started out… and sometimes still feel. […]

In the 8 years of being a surface pattern designer I’ve been using different tools and workflows over the years.. After using so many resources I now certainly know what my favorites are and I would love to share my experiences with you, in the hope that it will help you too for making choices.. […]

In 2013 I discovered my passion for surface pattern design. But at that moment I wasn’t immediately skilled at it. It took me a lot of investigation, trial and error and in the end taking a lot of classes, before I started feeling confident in creating patterns. Classes and classes A big game-changer for me […]

Illustrator on the iPad is finally here! A few weeks ago Adobe launched Illustrator on the iPad, and I must say that made me a happy girl! Of course I had to try it out before I could know if it really would make me happy! For a long time I was searching for a […]

Here at Ellila designs we are very excited to let you know that from this week on, Studyo Ellila is born. Studyo Ellila is part of Ellila Designs and is a place where you can find botanical birth announcement cards, custom fabric and little gifts to hand out at your maternity visit. And of course, […]

Happy as I am, I need to share this big milestone with you!  I am so proud that I can share my first big collaboration! is a Belgian company, based in Ghent (my birth place), who sells phonecases, laptop sleeves and tablet cases.  On their website you can find cases for more than 10 brands and for […]


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