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From silk painting through sewing, crochet, photography and finally Photoshop I discovered the world of surface pattern design.  Although I loved making things with these hobbies, it was nothing compared with making seamless patterns.  A few years ago this whole new world appeared, and I couldn't let it go ever since.  Making a pattern seamless, letting it flow, playing with the colors, it just feels like magic!  And when you see people wearing it, holding it, admiring it... you just want to make even more!

 So after years of practicing and dreaming, Ellila Designs is now in business and brings its surface pattern designs to you! Ellila Designs is based in Belgium and is available for clients all over the world.  
My designs can be described as fresh, calming and elegant mostly inspired by nature and botanicals.

Hello!  Happy to meet you!  My name is Jozefien, surface pattern designer behind ellila designs. I am a flemish girl living in belgium Where i enjoy being the mom of Ella, Ilan and nyo.  And yes that's where my inspiration of Ellila Designs came from.  I'm passionate about fabrics, patterns, flowers and all things beautiful!

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Let's make beautiful things together!

I would love to work with you!

My patterns or illustrations are available for licensing and commissions, so they can be used on your products like textile, home decor, gifts, stationary...

As a freelancer I am also available to give your logo, website or any other project that extra touch! 
I warmly welcome collaborations.

When you are interested to collaborate you can complete the form and give more info about your ideas and wishes and I will get back to you. E-mailing me directly is also possible at: info(at) 

Looking forward to hear from you!

let's get in touch and create magic together!

Custom fabric can be made in the style of your birth announcement.  This can be used for Baptism sugar, blankets, baby clothes and much more..

custom fabric


In Belgium, when a baby is born, we give our visitors a little gift, called baptism sugar.  They can be anything and can help you to create something unique.

Baptism sugar/gifts


For a complete custom design we are here to help you to.  Not only for birth announcements, but also for weddings, birthdays and more..

Custom printing


We have a range of fixed designs in the botanical style. Both for boys and girls.  You can always order a sample as seen on the website.

A Fixed collection


Studyo Ellila

As part of Ellila Designs, Studyo Ellila wants to give you an answer on your search for stylish birth announcements.  This of course, in the style where Ellila Designs is known for.  But it doesn't only stay with birth announcemts, we can also help you with Baptism sugar/gifts, herbarium bottles, custom fabric and custom printing. If you want to learn more on how we can help you, check out the page of Studyo Ellila or pop me a quick question.


For questions about collaborations, licensing, orders and much more, you can fill out this form.

xx Ellila Designs


thank you!
We will respond as soon as we can!

xx Ellila Designs








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