Gift guide: 20 unique gifts to give

In some of the blogposts you can find references to products. It is possible that I recieve commissions for purchases made through links in the posts. This is to help support my blog and does not have any impact on my recommendations

In some of my blog posts, you can find references to products.
 I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in the posts.
 This is to help support my blog and does not have any impact on my recommendations

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Are you shopping for a gift for someone you love or looking for your own ideas to put on your wishlist? Look no further, because I have created this beautiful gift guide for you, perfect for birthdays, Christmas, mother’s day and more!

Discover the magic of giving, with this carefully curated gift guide! Unwrap joy and create unforgettable moments for your family and friends with our handpicked selection of thoughtful and unique gifts! Not only personalizable treasures and budget-friendly delights but also artist-made products that will make every occasion extra special.

As can be seen, we have chosen gifts in different price ranges: gifts under 5$, gifts under 10$, gifts under 15$, gifts under 20$, gifts under 25$, gifts under 30$, and gifts above 30$.

Gifts under 5$

Botanical monogram stickers

You can find a matching monogram sticker for every letter in the alphabet. These stickers make your gift even more personal, perfect as a stocking stuffer or a cute addition to all of your gifts.

Gifts under 10$

Tropical bullet journal

A bullet journal is a gift that can be used by many people for just about anything. Especially bujo enthusiasts will be on the lookout for new and unique notebooks to fill. But family and friends who aren’t familiar with them can find a new way of journalling. And with this tropical design, they might get in the mood to start planning their next vacation.

Wooden flower press

This flower press is very compact to bring with you on a trip so you can start pressing your flowers on the spot. A perfect small gift for flower lovers to create keepsakes and timeless flower art. And for kids, it is a great way to get creative with the beauty of nature. And to start learning about different flowers, leaves, and plants.

Notebook in Delfts blue style

The white and blue designs of Dutch Delfts Blue are world-known for their gorgeous paintings on porcelain. It’s great to know that this beautiful traditional style not only has to stay on porcelain. We can also enjoy it on the cover of this notebook and give it to our loved ones. This journal has lined pages with flowers in it.

Pinterest image is Pinterest still worth it

Gifts under 15$

Personalizable Floral Key Chain

Nothing is better than to give a completely personalized gift like this key chain. This can be custom-printed with the name of the one you’ll give it to. Printing your own name is another possibility, that way they can take you with them, everywhere they go.

A floral coloring book: A world with flowers

Almost every grown-up, likes its inner child to play once in a while. And adult coloring books are ideal for that. Whether it’s for relaxation, creating art pieces or just to have fun, you can’t go wrong with a floral coloring book like this one. I am very proud to present you this coloring book with a great selection of floral designs created by myself.

Gifts under 20$

Floral phonecases

Your phone is one of the accessories you will always have on you, wherever you go. They don’t have to stay bland, what’s more, they can be a beautiful accessory too. Floral phone cases like these are perfect for that. Giving these will bring joy to someone’s life. One thing that makes it even more enjoyable is that you can personalize them too. Available for many different brands and a lot of designs to choose from.

Nordens Wildflower calendar

At the end of the year, we always start planning for the year to come, and no better way to do that is with a beautiful calendar. Gifting a floral calendar is giving a bouquet of beautiful flowers all year round, without the chance of withering. This will be a hit for every flower lover for sure.

T-shirts and hoodies with a message

Sometimes a t-shirt is all you need for sending out a beautiful message to the people around you. It can be subtle, bold, cheeky, whatever you want. Nowadays the options are endless. That is why it is ideal to find something typical for everyone on any possible theme. One of my favorites are these with ‘Dear person behind me’ on it.. when wearing them, you can spread some love with it!

Gifts under 25$

Flower plant terrarium

Being a plant lover myself, I am sure there will be some plant ladies around you too. Therefore giving plants and plant accessories, will always be received with a lot of happiness. I found this sweet plant terrarium with 3 bulb vases. It can be used as a vase for freshly cut flowers, but it can be a stylish way to propagate plants too. If you want to be original, this is the way to go!

Flower bouquet building set

Beauty and creativity can be combined too, like in this DIY floral bouquet. These flowers are made to last because they won’t wither for sure. This floral bouquet is beautiful in your home decor with vivid flowers that will bring any room alive. Above all, there are many different bouquets and flowers to choose from.

Golden geometric metallic style clutch

Diamonds and gold are a girl’s best friend, is it not? This shimmering metallic clutch is neither that, but this will be a hit with her too. Every lady wearing this will shine bright like a diamond on any occasion and party. She won’t forget that you were the one who gave it to her.

Gifts under 30$

Word search clock

If you are searching for a one-of-a-kind clock, this might be the one. It looks like a word search puzzle, but if you watch closely it is not, although you can search for words in it. ‘At the same time’, it is a beautiful and eye-catching home decor piece, perfect for a housewarming gift. And as you can guess this will be a conversation starter for sure!

Stone magnets with poppies

Magnets that don’t look like magnets. Being made of marble stone, it is a unique way to add elegance to your ‘botanical’ home decor. These magnets have a beautiful illustration of poppies, together with a peacock butterfly. At your wedding, your guests will be excited to take these stone magnets home.

Beads bracelet with essential oil

Perfect for those seeking a thoughtful, gift that offers both beauty and functionality. This beads bracelet combines lava rock/stone with pink zebra jasper beads and aroma therapy for calmness and relaxation.

Moon lamp

Another gorgeous addition to your home is this lifelike moon lamp on a wooden base. The authentic appearance is very similar to the moon and the aesthetic of the base makes the moon visible as much as possible. Because of the adjustable brightness, it gives a cozy ambience and is an ideal lamp in the bedroom.

Customizable ping pong palet

Who has ever seen a personalized ping pong palet, I sure don’t, but for ping pong junkies, just the perfect gift. Just customize the name and it will be fantastic to receive and play with it!

Gifts above 30$

Willow tree sculpture: girl with sunflowers

Susan Lordi originally carved and hand-painted this lovely and sweet resin statue with sunflowers. All her statues give a serene, warm, and loving atmosphere. Therefore, this makes it a perfect gift to celebrate friendships, which will be treasured forever. Check out all the other beauties in this collection, because they won’t disappoint, guaranteed.

Clipboard with flower and butterfly

Did you know that even clipboards can be functional as well as beautiful? They sure do, you only have to look at this lovely design with a purple wildflower and brimstone butterfly on. A nature trip with the school has never been so stylish. It is possible to personalize this clipboard too.

Wall tapestry with tansy and swallowtail butterfly

What is a botanical home without a botanical wall tapestry? Not finished, of course! In fact, for all the plant ladies out there, these kinds of wall hangings are a perfect addition to their home or sunroom. This design is part of the ‘Fleurs Sauvages’ collection, with on each, a drawing of a wildflower combined with a butterfly. For example, this one has a yellow tansy accompanied by a swallowtail butterfly.

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