How to draw flowers and botanicals – book tips

In some of the blogposts you can find references to products. It is possible that I recieve commissions for purchases made through links in the posts. This is to help support my blog and does not have any impact on my recommendations

In some of my blog posts, you can find references to products.
 I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in the posts.
 This is to help support my blog and does not have any impact on my recommendations

I'm Jozefien, a surface pattern designer from Belgium with a passion for nature and botanicals. Here on this blog, I like to share an array of tips, tricks, resources, and products with you!  So subscribe if you want to follow more of my content!


Drawing flowers seems easy at first, but when you start trying to make your first flowers or flower arrangement, it doesn’t feel that easy anymore. Especially when you want to make realistic flowers or botanicals. Maybe this sounds familiar to you, at least that’s what I experienced when I started out… and sometimes still feel.

Not having an art degree shouldn’t stop you for becoming an artist in any kind of form. If you want to achieve something, I am convinced you are able to. It may take a lot of practice and persistence… but you will get there.

Luckily for us there are lots of resources available that can help us to achieve this, and books have a big part in it. In these books you find so many great ideas and techniques to get you started and feel confident.

I’ve put together a list of great books which will help you creating beautiful flowers!

1 Botanical line drawing: 200 step-by-step flowers, leaves, cacti, succulents, and other items found in nature

A perfect start for beginners is this great book from Peggy Dean. This book will show you that drawing flowers isn’t that difficult as you expected. It is full of step-by-step illustrations that guides you in 5 steps to a finished illustration. From simple doodles to delicate botanicals.

2 Ten-Step drawing Flowers: Learn to draw 75 flowers in ten easy steps!

In 10 simple steps, Mary Woodin learns you to create 75 different flowers and botanicals. This varies from simple blossoms and blooms to intricate bouquets. This way you learn to start with simple shapes that you can turn into realistic flowers. And with that she also gives you tips for coloring in your flowers.

In this series you will also finds books for creating animals, nature and people.

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3 Draw like an artist: 100 flowers and plants: step-by-step realistic line drawing * a sourcebook for aspiring artists and designers

When I see this book, I can’t agree more! A great book in a series of books from Melissa Washburn. This book is also filled with a lot of great advice to understand the basics of drawing realistically. It is a great resource of a big variety of flowers and plants with interesting shapes. You will come back to it again and again. Go and check out the other books in this series too, they will make you a very skilled artist for sure.

4 The art of botanical & bird illustration: An artist’s guide to drawing and illustrating realistic flora, fauna and botanical scenes from nature

Once you start leaving the beginner phase, this book from Mindy Lighthipe is just golden. It is packed with illustration techniques and exercises which helps artists deepen their understanding of the anatomy and structure of plants and animals. She also captures basic techniques that will make your skills next level. This will for sure transform your beautiful sketches into fully rendered and colored masterpieces..

great resources for surface pattern design

5 The joy of botanical drawing: A step-by-step guide to drawing and painting flowers, leaves, fruit and more

Another fantastic book for creating realistic flowers, fruits and leaves by artist Wendy Hollender. She emerges you completely in her world of drawing and painting botanicals. Every little detail of her process is explained for you to learn and explore.

6 Botanical sketchbook: drawing, painting and illustration for botanical artists

This book is from a different kind, because this is not a step-by-step guide like the previous books. This is more a journey from Mary Ann Scott starting as amateur painter to botanical artist. Following her in this process will give you lot’s of advice and tips which will guide you further in your journey in becoming a botanical artist.

I hope when you read this and start drawing with the tips in the books above, you realize and experience that drawing flowers isn’t that hard as you first thought. And once you have the hang of it, I am sure you will have so much fun drawing it all.

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